How I defined the letter “M”


M is short of /ay-mee/ in my way.

Aimée or Amy? – Both are good (‘cuz they have a beautiful meaning: beloved, and also bring a little sweet when you say, this point makes me love it most)

M is a daydreamer who is collecting pieces of soul in every moment of life.
Summer is favor but Christmas’s always the best period of year, so is December.

My favorite things come from happiness, sunshine and anything sparkling.

Pop and R&B are only for daylight, ‘cuz nothing perfect and more romantic than Jazz for a date at night. And Indie definitely owns some part of my soul in the silent of midnight.

And if you love me or have not loved me yet, just being curious of M. Guess you’ll have to read some of my writings ’cause I poured all my heart into them. They’re waiting to tell you a-real-M. And even you like me, or hate a little bit (which definitely makes me sad haha), let me know what your heart says. Just only with it, I know, or we both know our feelings were connected, sometime.


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